Systems Plus College Foundation


For Old Students

Step 1: Log in to: Student Portal

Step 2: On the Main Menu, Click Online Enlistment.

Step 3: Select the preset Block Section and Click the Load Section.

Step 3.A: 1. After Clicking the Load Section, the subjects will be loaded. Then Click the Save all for addition button.

Step 3.A: 2. This will be the status after clicking the save all for addition.

Step 3.B: 1. For the Irregular Students, they will choose from the subject offered this semester. For adding the subjects, click the additional button under the status column.

Step 3.B: 2. Click the subject code to choose what schedule to be taken

Step 3.B: 3. For the Conflict Schedule, the status will be shown fot the conflict schedule

Step 3.B: 4. After choosing the schedule, will automatically be added unless there's of conflict schedule. for deleteing of subject check box and click the delete subject.

Step 4. Choose the payment mode. Then click Compute for Account/s.

Step 5. Click the calendar button and choose the date for the schedule.

Step 6. Print the Form.