Systems Plus College Foundation

Office of the Registrar

It is a central hub and vital arm of the institution serving clienteles such as students, parents/legal guardians, faculty, administration, and alumni of SPCF. As a repository of student records, the Office of the Registrar is both a source and resource of data that can be used for various researches, since the records are fully computerized and procedures are in order.


Functions of the Office of the Registrar

  1. Enrollment Certification/ Degree Verification
  2. Updating academic progress, therefore must keep accurate files for statistical reporting.
  3. Graduation Processing
  4. Conferral and distribution of diplomas and medals
  5. Transcript processing and distribution
  6. Permanent record archival
  7. Liaising with government and other private agencies on matters related to the functions of the office.
  8. Manages all aspects of office.


Provide quality service to clienteles with different backgrounds and perspectives in an environment where each is respected, valued, and welcomed.


SPCF’s Registrar’s Office envisions itself to be a valued partner in the delivery of quality service to its stakeholders.