Center for Research, Planning and Development | Overview

The Center for Research and Development of Systems Plus College Foundation takes a positive turn of making its mark of concretizing the research-related visions of the institution. Kick-starting it all with the commitment of uplifting its agenda of going international and multi-disciplinary, thus, spanning the vision of going global in the field of research presentations and publications that tackled the different findings and perspectives across the various disciplines that enveloped the thrust and academic pro- grams of the institution.. Such is all geared towards the aim of promoting and discuss- ing the status, roles and importance of the areas of studies within various context and understanding, in order to promote, enhance and eventually sustain the emergence of a research culture in SPCF. 

The SPCF Center for Research and Development continues to pick-up and fly its wings towards the realization of a sustainable and globally recognized research culture in Systems Plus College Foundation. 

Pursuant with Systems Plus College Foundation’s vision-mission of “service and innovation” through “….excellence in instruction, research and extension services, the Center for Research and Development commits itself to the promotion of liberal, quality, transformative and relevant education towards the holistic development of all SPCF stakeholders.

CRD Vision Statement:  “An innovative institution embracing a leadership role in empirical-based quality research formation.”

CRD Mission Statement:  “promote and develop a research culture through the SPCF intellectual community dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable and quality educational environment.


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