SPCF Library



A center for interactive learning to nurture the information needs of the students and faculty through acquisition and organization of quality information sources. 



To provide ideal learning atmospheres and opportunities for the members of its academic community, more importantly its students and teachers, through well selected materials for their information needs.



  • Library Orientation
  • Book Displays 
  • Reference and Information Service
  • Bulletin Board 
  • Internet/ Computers
  • Library Referrals 
  • E-Library
  • OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalog)


Rules and Regulations

  • Students, faculty and staff members of SPCF are required to secure a Library Borrower’s Card to avail of the privileges in the library.
  • A book that has been lost or damaged by the borrower should be reported at once to the librarian so that a settlement can be agreed upon without incurring a large fine, if a book is found after report of lost; the fine charge is computed at the time the book is returned. 
  • A Library Borrower’s Card is non-transferable.
  • Silence must be observed at all times in the library premises.
  • Vandalism and mutilation of  library materials and other facilities are grounds for the forfeiture of  library privileges.
  • The library is exclusive for studying. Everyone is enjoined to behave and to act properly while inside the library to avoid reprimands. 
  • Everyone is prohibited from loitering and standing inside the library so as not to distract other library users when all seats are occupied.
  • The library personnel are not liable for any loss of property within the premises. Valuables must not be left on the tables unattended.
  • Eating, smoking, and loitering are strictly prohibited while inside the library. 
  • No clearance will be signed unless all obligations are cleared