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Office Of Student Affairs

Systems Plus College Foundation - Office of Student Affairs (OSA) envisions the development of students outside the walls of the classroom and extend the scholastic standing of the students through engagement in school activities, which creates opportunities for students to enhance their leadership potentials and join recognized organizations to supplement their formal education. These activities create opportunities for students to enhance their leadership potentials, and to develop the art and skill of a good follower. The institution recognizes the importance of responsible student leaders who are future leaders of our community in their chosen field of endeavor. 

The Office of Student Affairs contributes towards this end by providing students with the support systems that will enable them to realize their potentials and hone their skills. It endeavors to address their needs and offer them opportunities for self-expression.

The Office of Student Affairs renders the following services:

  • Program for Off-Classroom Activities. This includes co-curricular and extra-curricular activities directed towards the development of the students' personality, leadership skills, advocacy and strong SPCnian character.
  • Program for Student Discipline. This inculcates the SPCnian core values and institutional culture in the implementation of school policies that are contained in the Student Handbook.



A center for student services supportive of the co-curricular and extra-curricular needs of its clients for their well-grounded growth and development.



Office of the Student Affairs is dedicated in promoting the development of student's talents, potentials, and leadership capabilities through its program thrusts of self-growth and awareness, cooperative living and learning, physical, spiritual and emotional growth, leadership development and enhancement, productive use of leisure, and cross-cultural adjustment.